Worldwide driver training by our professionals 

Driver training by WELP Armouring

Our armored vehicles are an important factor for safe transportation of passengers in hazardous areas, and they contribute significantly to the reduction of tragic attacks on civilians. Safety on public roads, however, is not limited to a specially protected vehicle only, but is also a matter of correct handling and behavior in dangerous situations.

In an emergency- or dangerous situations, drivers and passengers often only have a few seconds to make important decisions and avoid mistakes that would lead to a momentous course for all involved.

It is widely known that in stress situations and under high pressure one often tends to make inconsiderate decisions. However, our professional driver training trains you to be strategic in such a situation. It provides vital basics and standard procedures in simulated emergency situations that can be accessed quickly in an emergency. In addition to the experience, a good preparation helps well for coping with stressful situation


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Worldwide driver training by our professionals 


Contents of the driver training

In our professional driver's course you will learn how to recognize a threatening situation at an early stage and to avoid it as far as possible. Nevertheless, you will also be trained on the correct behavior in case of an emergency. Our driving safety training was developed by specialists of the German Bundeswehr.

We gladly like to train you in the right handling of your armoured vehicle.

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The training contents of our multi-day driver training include: 

  • Preparatory measures before driving
  • Detecting IEDs (improvised explosive devices) on the vehicle
  • Perception of external circumstances on / at the road
  • Mine awareness; Detection of landmines or other explosive devices on / at the street
  • Behavior in critical situations (checkpoints, assaults, breakdowns, attacks, carjacking)
  • Mastering the vehicle in extreme situations
  • Slalom (dynamic wheel load change)
  • Target braking / emergency braking
  • Dodging hooks (one-sided / two-sided)
  • Takeover of the vehicle in the event of driver failure
  • Driving in steep, muddy, dry and sandy terrain
  • Instruction in the driving dynamics and driving physics of specially protected vehicles
  • Recovery of deadlocked vehicles
  • Technology on the vehicle
  • Tire change on unpaved surface
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reversing with mirrors
  • Turn in three moves
  • Driving in a convoy
  • Communication within a convoy
  • Introduction to the NATO radio language




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Putting promises to the test. We carry out comprehensive ballistic testing on materials and vehicles alike at our own in-house firing range.

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Trained to perfection. We offer a range of individual training sessions and courses on the proper handling of your armoured vehicle.

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