Interior customization and individualization for armored vehicles from WELP Armouring

Quality decides

Constantly optimising processes


At WELP, we set great store by constantly optimising the quality of our systems and processes.

As suppliers to the automotive industry, we are also certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949:

Farmingtons AUTOMOTIVE GmbH:
ISO TS 16949

IndiKar Individual Karosseriebau GmbH:ISO TS 16949

Areas of application:

  • Engineering / design
  • Prototyping
  • Serial production


Every area of activity is therefore constantly monitored by fully autonomous quality assurance teams and certified accordingly to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

Farmingtons AUTOMOTIVE GmbH / ­pgam advanced technologies ltd.: ISO 9001:2008

IndiKar Individual Karosseriebau GmbH: ISO 9001:2008

Areas of application:

  • Development and production of plastic and metal components in the automotive industry
  • Tool making and prototyping
  • Development and production of special vehicles and armoured vehicles
  • Sales and project management

The following standards are among those applied in the production of parts:

  • DIN 2302 (Q1+Q2+Q3)
  • ISO 3834
  • EN 15085


To us, conservation and sustainability entail assuming responsibility in every area of our company.

Our environmental and energy management system meets the demands and requirements of the following standards:

ISO 14001 ISO 50001

Our environmental and energy policy is the binding element for every employee’s work. The activities undertaken by our employees are outlined by the following guiding principles:

1. Our aim is to constantly monitor and continuously improve our levels of conservation and energy efficiency. To this end, we make the necessary information and resources available.

2. We are committed to observing all relevant statutory regulations.

3. We inform and train our employees in order to foster their commitment towards green, energy-efficient activities. As role models, our managers have a vital function to play here.

4. We will use energy sources purposefully and economically and undertake the corresponding technical and organisational measures in order to minimise our quantities of residual materials, waste, environmentally harmful emissions and wastewater.

5. The environmental and energy impact of our products and production processes is evaluated from the development stage onwards.

6. We support the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services that serve to enhance energy-related performance.

7. To ensure that our environmental and energy policy and our environmental and energy goals are effective and implemented, we use checks, controls and documentation, and also make the required corrections where necessary.

8. Our environmental and energy policies are published for all employees as well as business partners acting on behalf of our company and for all interested third parties to see.

Firing range

Putting promises to the test. We carry out comprehensive ballistic testing on materials and vehicles alike at our own in-house firing range.

Individual solutions

Unique. Individual. We adapt vehicles to your demanding specifications and offer a comprehensive range of accessories and options.

Armouring solutions

A safe choice. We produce innovative armouring solutions and fully-armoured vehicles of the highest standards.

Training courses

Trained to perfection. We offer a range of individual training sessions and courses on the proper handling of your armoured vehicle.

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