Hot forming

Competence in hot forming

One of the most important tasks in automotive engineering is to combine efficiency and safety in the structural design of a vehicle. The reduction of the vehicle weight and optimized crash behaviour are often directly contradictory.

Moreover one who develops and manufactures civilian armoured vehicles, must also have complex expertise in the individualisation of vehicles. On the one hand, the optical appearance and ergonomics of the base vehicle must be preserved as far as possible. On the other hand, the vehicles must provide adequate protection against firearms and explosions. It is important to find the medium between comfort and safety.

One method to facilitate these requirements is hot forming, also referred to as press hardening. Here, the individual workpieces are put to the desired shape through a shaping process under heat treatment. The finished panels are characterized by very high strength, as well as a very good dimensional stability. Thanks to hot forming, the necessary forming forces are so greatly reduced compared to cold forming, that we are able to produce even complex geometries with steel thicknesses of up to 15 mm. The WELP Group partially uses its own steel components made of a specially developed alloy with particularly high strength.

The advantages of hot forming technology:

  • Realization of higher degrees of deformation and optimization of dimensional accuracy and tolerances
  • Optimization of sheet thickness and thus of the specific weight
  • Lower component stress
  • Reduced forming forces due to better forming capacity
  • Reduction of forming steps in the tool
  • Microstructure adjustment partly without additional manufacturing process

Almost the entire process chain, starting with the development of a hot-pressed part through the design of the forming tool up to the series production and assembly can be implemented in-house.

In the technology center in Wilkau-Haßlau, it is possible to incorporate the entire know-how of the group into a new, automated production line.

Firing range

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