Ballistic shield 

Ballistic shield with viewing panel

As an indispensable supplement to the standard police protective equipment, our tactical shield “Protector” is used by police authorities throughout Germany.

The “Protector” is particularly suitable for special operations in terrorist situations with armed offenders, since the focus of this shield is both on its handling as well as its ballistic protection. The “Protector” is offered in protection level 6 according to VPAM APR 2006.

Further fields of application of the “Protector” are, for example, major- and sporting events with police involvement and other security services.

The shield has a ballistic protected vision panel of the same protection class. The vision panel has the dimensions 72 mm x 180 mm and is mounted in the top middle of the shield. Due to its special shape, the carrier is able to hold a handgun and to support it with the shield.  Alternatively the carrier can be secured by a second person behind the shield carrying a long gun.

Depending on the equipment variant, the shield weighs approx. 14 kg. The protective shield can both be positioned upright and slightly tilted using its hinged stand or it can be stacked lying for transportation.

As an additional feature, the “Protector” is equipped with an LED light bar, which can be switched on with the thumb of the weapon-carrying hand of the shield carrier. The light bar can be used as a regular light source as well as strong blinding light against attackers.  

Technical data sheet - Ballistic shield with viewing panel



technical fibers made of polyethylene

Ballistic resistance

meets requirements of “Technical Guideline – Ballistic protective equipment (as of July 2011)” with ammunition of protection level 6 according to VPAM APR 2006, version 2, as of 11/30/2014


  • shield: 1.100 mm x 600 mm (not bent)
  • viewing panel: 72 mm x 180 mm
    position 170 mm underneath upper edge


approx. 14 kg with carrying bag


  • ballistic resistance up to +70°C guaranteed
  • laminated glass with identical protection level as shield material
  • suitable for right- and left handed use
  • handle system with armrest made of foam and belt system for fixing the elbow
  • folding stand for secure placement of the shield with slight tilt
  • white LED with 600 lumens of light output and at least 2 hours of continuous light


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