WELP Armouring laser technic for the manufacture of armouring components from steel, plastic and aluminium 02

Future technologies

Ultramodern programs and tools

WELP Armouring laser technic for the manufacture of armouring components from steel, plastic and aluminium


Modern and high-performance machines and systems assist our developers and manufacturing specialists when creating armouring solutions.

The result of using highly modern machines and systems is truly impressive: “Armoured vehicles that raise the bar on the market!”

With 28,000 sqm. of production space, our high-tech production facilities can therefore roll out several hundred armoured vehicles every year.

Catia V5
Siemens NX

Ultramodern technologies form the backbone of our activities when it comes to armouring and special vehicles. For this reason, our technology park includes the latest 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centres for milling, drilling, grinding and eroding. Our 5-axis laser-cutting cell uses CAD data to produce every ballistic steel component. This is how we guarantee that every component will be up to the demands placed on them.

Unser Maschinenpark umfasst:

Laser centre

  • 1x 3D laser system
  • 1x 3D WaterCut water jet cutter

Press centre

  • 5x straightening presses 50 t to 150 t
  • 2x spotting presses 100 t to 400 t
  • 3x bending presses 100 t to 200 t
  • 2x body presses 150 t to 340 t

Milling centre

  • 2x 5-axis HSC machining centres
  • 3x 4-axis HSC machining centres
  • 1x 3-axis HSC machining centre
  • 1x deep hole drilling milling machine
  • 1x 5-axis CNC portal milling machine
  • 2x 5-axis milling machines (aluminium / plastic)
  • 1x model milling machine

Hot Forming / Technology Centre

  • 1x hydraulic double-sided drawing press 300 t to 1,000 t
  • 1x hydraulic open front press 150 t
  • 1x CNC bending/edge press 58 t
  • 1x frame straightening presses 50 t to 150 t
  • 1x Nabertherm heating furnace 1,200 degrees
  • 1x Nabertherm heating furnace 1,100 degrees
  • 1x Nabertherm heating furnace 600 degrees
  • 6-axis heavy-duty robot

Injection Moulding Centre

  • 2x injection moulding machines 1,000 t to 3,200 t

Erosion Centre

  • 1x wire erosion machine
  • 3x vertical erosion machines

Other machinery in our Technology Park

  • 1x bending machine 400 t (3,000 mm bend length)
  • 1x sprue cutting punch/sprue press TAT
  • 4 x lifting/turning machines
  • 1x 4-axis benchtop drill press
  • 7x 3D printers

Firing range

Putting promises to the test. We carry out comprehensive ballistic testing on materials and vehicles alike at our own in-house firing range.

Individual solutions

Unique. Individual. We adapt vehicles to your demanding specifications and offer a comprehensive range of accessories and options.

Armouring solutions

A safe choice. We produce innovative armouring solutions and fully-armoured vehicles of the highest standards.

Training courses

Trained to perfection. We offer a range of individual training sessions and courses on the proper handling of your armoured vehicle.

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