Ideally equipped for day-to-day use

Tactical Gun Ports from WELP Armouring armoured tactical F2-TLC based on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 armored according to VPAM VR7 / BRV 2009 and VR9 / BRV 2009

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For special deployments, we offer an array of armoured vehicles ranging from pickups to SUVs. Each vehicle can be customised and developed for specific usage requirements – whether for tactical, defensive or reconnoitring use.

Our special options include gun ports, wireless systems, surveillance systems, emergency exits, protective shields and tactical lighting systems. These are all made exclusively using high-grade, certified ballistic materials.

We set great store by ensuring that the vehicles are practically oriented and ready for use at any time – efficient action “in the field” as it were.


Multifunctional for any type of firearm

This variation can be used in armoured glass or armoured steel. The gun port can be opened and closed via a lever. Every WELP Armouring gun port is made of high-grade ballistic steel.

Emergency exit

Fast-opening vehicle roof

Enables the vehicle roof to be opened swiftly in the face of dangerous defensive situations. Given the current rise in threat levels, the dangerous situations encountered in conflict areas are becoming increasingly complex.

For this reason, we have added an emergency escape roof hatch to our range of security features. This innovative emergency exit is available for every vehicle supplied by WELP Armouring.

Leg protection in the doors

Protective defensive shield

For tactical deployments, we provide additional personal protection.

By adding bulletproof leg protection, a vehicle door becomes a protective shield which can be used to ward off attackers. The leg protection is made of rib-like ballistic armoured plating.

Wireless systems

Communicate across the globe

Every wireless system, from MF to HF, can be installed in our armoured vehicles. The wireless systems can be fitted as concealed or clearly-visible units. We will gladly pre-install all the wiring as well as pre-built “plug-and-play” units.

Surveillance systems

360° panoramic view for absolute protection

To enable a 360° panoramic view, we offer integrated surveillance systems complete with a monitor in the cabin of the vehicle. The cameras can be fitted to the vehicle’s interior or exterior to suit your personal needs.

Cameras in the radiator grille, the vehicle’s interior and on the tail gate are just some of the installation possibilities.

Flashing lights

Flashing lights that send a signal

Flashing lights, customisable for every position. For example, they can be fitted to a radiator grille, behind the windscreen and rear window, or to an integrated bull bar.

Besides the flashing lights, it is also possible to install special sirens and a two-tone siren for a specific country and also
to tailor the colour of the stroboscope
lights to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Tactical lighting solutions

Preparatory steps for an upcoming deployment

To prepare for an upcoming deployment,
we offer dimmable tactical lighting for the vehicle’s interior. The colours can be customised to your wishes.

A control panel which is fitted in the vehicle’s interior is used to make different settings or change functions.


Communicate with people outside

To avoid having to open doors and windows in dangerous situations, we can install intercom systems. A simple press of a button is all that is needed to communicate with people outside.

Our intercom systems can be fitted and installed in any type of vehicle.

Firing range

Putting promises to the test. We carry out comprehensive ballistic testing on materials and vehicles alike at our own in-house firing range.

Individual solutions

Unique. Individual. We adapt vehicles to your demanding specifications and offer a comprehensive range of accessories and options.

Armouring solutions

A safe choice. We produce innovative armouring solutions and fully-armoured vehicles of the highest standards.

Training courses

Trained to perfection. We offer a range of individual training sessions and courses on the proper handling of your armoured vehicle.

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