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Armoured vehicles from WELP Armouring are a vital element in the day-to-day security of government agencies, relief organisations (UN), non-governmental organisations, police forces, VIP and numerous other customers.

Our portfolio includes the following vehicle models:


Basic vehicle: Toyota Land Cruiser 76   
Protection class: VPAM VR7/BRV2009 & ERV2010

Its sturdy design along with numerous upgrade options make the F7-TLC700 a true all-rounder that remains safe and reliable even during extreme manoeuvres and when loaded to its maximum limit. The armoured F7-TLC700 is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 76.

The armoured F7-TLC700 has been successfully certified by Beschussamt Mellrichstadt in accordance with the latest VPAM standards BRV2009 and ERV2010.

What’s more, this armoured vehicle has been tested by Germany’s TÜV organisation in a variety of situations under the toughest imaginable conditions and successfully accredited.

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Vehicle shown is fitted with additional special features

We will gladly provide you with a personalised offer for the F7-TLC 700 based on your needs and requirements. 
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Protection level


Specification - Ballistics

Protection class  VPAM VR7/BRV2009

Calibre .308 Win
(7.62 x 51)
.223 Rem.
(5.56 x 45)
Mass [g] 9.55 ± 0.1 4.0 ± 0.1
Manufacturer / model MEN DM 111 MEN SS 109
Distance [m] 10 + 0.5 10 + 0.5
Velocity [m/s] 830 ± 10 950 ± 10
Energy (J) 3.289 1.805

FMJ = Full metal jacket 
FMJ* = Full metal jacket (copper) 
PB = Pointed bullet
SC = Soft core 
SCP = Soft core and steel penetrator

Higher or lower vehicle protection classes are available on request!


Resistance class VPAM ERV2010

  1 x
2 x
15 kg TNT*
(4m Distance)
Roof     x    
Floor   x x x  
Fuel tank     x    
Side detonation       x

*equates to 12,5 kg PETN

Technical details


The basic vehicle behind the armoured F7-TLC700 is the Toyota Land Cruiser 76, which is known for its reliability. The following armoured engine versions are available for protection classes VPAM VR7/BRV2009 + ERV2010:

Engine 4.5L V8, 1VD-FTV 4.0L V6, 1GR-FE
Fuel type Diesel Petrol
Steering LHD / RHD LHD
Cubic capacity in ccm 4.461 3.956
No. of cylinders 8 6
Engine power 205 PS 228 PS
Transmission 5-gears, manual 5-gears, manual
Drive 4 x 4 4 x 4
Gross vehicle weight* 4.480 kg 4.480 kg
Payload up to 500 kg up to 500 kg
Seating capacity 5 - 10 5 - 10
Fuel capacity 130 l 130 l

* Admissible total weight: Optionally the admissible total weight can be enhanced by special driving set-up.


F7-TLC (Land Cruiser 76)

Every vehicle supplied by WELP Armouring comes with a package of safety features as standard that are designed to protect the occupants in dangerous situations. Armoured vehicles are sold with the following features:

WELP Armouring standard safety package:

  • 360° overlap protection system on all doors and windows
  • Roof-mounted protection to guard against hand grenades (ERV2010)
  • Underbody protection to guard against hand grenades (ERV2010)
  • Side detonation protection for up to 15 kg TNT (ERV2010) IED
  • Aluminium rims with run-flat system and all-terrain tyres
  • Control unit armour
  • Main battery armour
  • Two-way communication system (PA system / intercom)
  • Exhaust pipe end grill
  • Reinforced door hinges
  • Reinforced chassis and brake components
  • Central locking
  • All armoured components coated

Chassis and brakes

F7-TLC (Land Cruiser 76)

The armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 76 has been tested by Germany’s TÜV organisation in a variety of situations and under the toughest imaginable conditions and successfully certified to the ISO 3888-1 and ISO 3888-2 international standards.

The test scenarios included single and double lane changes, an extreme evasive manoeuvre and driving around a roundabout at various speeds applying different levels of actuating force.

The chassis has been completely redesigned by our engineers and adjusted and developed to accommodate the increased vehicle weight. The brake components have likewise been replaced by a higher-performance version.

Additional options

F7-TLC (Land Cruiser 76)

Besides the “WELP Armouring Standard Safety Package”, it is also possible to install additional customised safety features into the F7-TLC700. Below is a small selection of the available features:

  • Battery armour for main and/or auxiliary battery
  • Radiator armour, incl. for additional fan
  • Fuel tank armour for main and/or additional fuel tank
  • Underfloor mine protection; DM 31
  • Fuel tank explosion protection
  • Windscreen, heated
  • Cargo area glass panes, armoured
  • Window regulator, driver / front passenger compartments
  • Gel battery instead of the main and/or additional battery
  • Main battery switch
  • Fog lights
  • Rear fog light
  • Parking assistance (front / rear)
  • GPS
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Auxiliary fan, battery-driven
  • Strobe lights
  • Searchlights, 360° incl. remote control; roof-mounted
  • Intercom; PA system & sirens
  • Positioning system, tracking
  • Satellite telephone
  • GSM antenna
  • HF / VHF / UHF radio or antenna connectivity
  • LED lightbar (130 watts or 180 watts)
  • Rear LED light (white)
  • Rear-light shutoff
  • Magcode socket (roof)
  • Winch; 9,500 lbs or 12,000 lbs or 15.000 lbs
  • Fuel cooling
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Camera surveillance system in and around the vehicle (displayed on a monitor)
  • Door lock, manual
  • Fire extinguishing system; vehicle engine compartment, undercarriage, wheel arch
  • Fire extinguisher; 2 or 3 kg; incl. bracket in boot/trunk
  • Emergency roof exit hatch
  • Fire extinguisher cartridge in engine compartment
  • Gun mount
  • Additional interior mirror (for front passenger)
  • Embrasure
  • Special crowbar
  • Sand ladders
  • Tool rack (tool holders)
  • Heavy-duty lifting jack
  • Salvage kit (shackles, pulleys, tow strap)
  • Tinted glass from A pillar / B pillar onwards
  • Differential lock; (front / rear)
  • Brake system; PREMIUM 6-piston (front)
  • Reinforced clutch; manual transmission only
  • Filter set (fuel filter + spare water separator cartridge)
  • Extended fuel tank volume
  • Bumper, front, reinforced (steel), incl. LED fog light
  • Bumper; rear, reinforced (steel)
  • Bumper; front / rear, reinforced (not visible)
  • Stone deflector for front and/or rear
  • Roof rack
  • Pennant holder
  • Carrier bracket for spare wheel; interior or roof rack
  • Spare NATO canister or plastic canister


Other safety features are available on request. Please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Possible uses


Armoured mission vehicles / armoured UN vehicle
With numerous additional features available, the F7-TLC700 can be customised to any specific mission or deployment. This vehicle is used by relief organisations across the globe, for example.

Armoured patrol vehicle
As a patrol vehicle, the armoured F7-TLC700, which is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 76, can be equipped with a variety of radio and communications systems.

Armoured support vehicle
The vehicle can be fitted with the desired project equipment, storage areas, pre-prepared cable harnesses as well as seating and work areas. As the fitting and preparation times are minimal, your team can very soon be on its way to the area of deployment.

Gallery F7-TLC

Armoured vehicles supplied by WELP Armouring are additionally reinforced to handle the extra chassis and brake weight of the vehicle. The chassis has been completely redesigned by our engineers and adjusted and developed to accommodate the increased vehicle weight. What’s more, every vehicle is fitted with a run-flat system that enables the vehicle to escape the danger zone even with a flat tyre.

The entire range of armoured SUVs has been tested by Germany’s independent ballistics testing agency (Beschussamt) and successfully certified to the latest VPAM standards. The protected passenger cell is based on a unique, modular bolt-in design system that enables repairs and inspection work to be carried out swiftly and without difficulty.

Our armoured SUVs are known across the globe for their reliability and are therefore in use in every area of conflict throughout the world.

Every armoured SUV supplied by WELP Armouring is equipped with the following basic features:

Bulletproof glass

The passenger cabin is protected using high-ballistic steel. Every glass component is bullet resistant in accordance with the latest DIN EN 1063 BR6 NS standard. The transparent armouring comprises bulletproof glass with a polycarbonate film coating.

Armoured roof

The vehicle’s armoured roof has been certified to the latest VPAM BRV standard and tested for roof detonations using 2 DM51s and/or 1 HG85.

Armoured tailgate

Every vehicle supplied by WELP Armouring comes with an emergency exit built into the luggage compartment as standard. It is integrated into the armoured luggage compartment lid. When wearing protective clothing, it is therefore possible to make an exit through here even with equipment. 

Armoured fuel tank

The main and additional fuel tanks are protected in the event of a ballistic or detonation attack. A self-sealing fuel tank can be optionally fitted.

Undercarriage armouring

WELP Armouring vehicles are equipped with interior DM51/HG85 underfloor mine protection (UMP) as standard. Higher interior DM31 UMP is optionally available. We do not recommend an exterior floor as this can create heat build-up in petrol-driven vehicles.

Reinforced door hinges

In-house developed reinforced door hinges as well as hinge reinforcements in the columns are used instead of Toyota’s original parts so as to accommodate the extra weight in the armoured doors and ensure that they work safely and securely without interruption.

Battery and control unit armour

Our armoured vehicles come with main and auxiliary battery armour as standard. What’s more, every control unit located outside of the ballistic protective cell is additionally ballistically protected.

Overlap protection system

Every vehicle supplied by WELP Armouring has a 360-degree overlap system as required by the VPAM standard. This overlap protection system above all protects all the spaces between the doorframe and the door as well as any openings in the case of a gun attack.

Run-flat system

All complete wheels come with a run-flat system to enable the vehicle to travel 50 km on flat tyres at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. The run-flat system is fitted to 18” aluminium rims.

Exhaust pipe end grill

Every armoured vehicle comes with its own exhaust pipe end grill. This protects the vehicle’s occupants from the possibility of foreign objects being thrown into the exhaust pipe which could potentially bring the vehicle to a standstill.


To enable communications with people outside the vehicle, a corresponding intercom or interphone system is installed. An additional alarm system is also incorporated.

Impact bar/bull bar

The vehicle can optionally be fitted with a visible bull bar or visible impact bar. An LED fog lamp as well as additional LED indicator lights are integrated into the impact bar.

The above-mentioned vehicle types are examples of the vehicles used as armoured security trucks, cargo vans, personnel carriers, motor vehicles, troop carriers, emergency vehicles, police vehicles, special carriers, wheeled vehicles or armoured patrol vehicles for commercial use.

Our sales staff will be more than happy to submit an offer and provide you with further details on the available models as well as our range of optional extras.

Firing range

Putting promises to the test. We carry out comprehensive ballistic testing on materials and vehicles alike at our own in-house firing range.

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Unique. Individual. We adapt vehicles to your demanding specifications and offer a comprehensive range of accessories and options.

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A safe choice. We produce innovative armouring solutions and fully-armoured vehicles of the highest standards.

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Trained to perfection. We offer a range of individual training sessions and courses on the proper handling of your armoured vehicle.

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